I am a native English speaker and an experienced voice over professional.  The daughter of broadcast journalists I actually began performing voice overs as a child performing regularly in radio plays which I loved. At boarding school in England as a teenager, I was awarded a prize for Eloquent Reading. I was also asked by two organisations to be the official voice message on their recording machines.

I can provide articulate voice overs in my native English but I can also provide voice overs with an American and other accents. My natural accent is often called “transatlantic” having lived in both the U.K. and the U.S.A. I speak the so called “Queens English” not actually sounding like present day Queen Elizabeth but the meaning implied is “The Queen’s English is sometimes also referred to as BBC English. It is considered standard English which most non-native English speakers associate with people from the UK”

My body of Voiceover work includes narrating documentary films

Clients include: 

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund)

WFP (United Nations World Food Program)

UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation)

ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute)

GIZ (German Cooperation for International Cooperation)

GTZ (German Society for International Cooperation)

United States Embassy in Ethiopia

Promotional airline voice over clients include:

Ethiopian Airlines

Qatar Air

Fly Dubai 

I can provide clients with a professional recording, working remotely or through a studio. 

This is a clip of a Voice Over for Qatar Airlines

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